Why is my Car burning a lot of Gas

You would think that when you drive a car, the more gas it consumes, the faster it gets. However, in real life, this is not always true. Sometimes cars burn excess fuel even when they are in idle mode – which makes no sense to anyone who drives an economy or small-sized vehicle. This phenomenon can be explained by science.

Reasons why is your car burning alot of gas

Internal combustion engine

The reason for this weird behavior lies in the internal combustion engine itself. When idling, cylinders use unburnt gas and air mixture to keep pistons moving at the top dead center (TDC) without any effort; however, during complete combustion gasoline vapor burns only partially within these movements thus creating optimum conditions for residual gases to combust inside the exhaust system even when there is no need for them to do that. It brings a lot of heat to the system and that’s why your car is burning so much gas while idling.

There are two possible reasons for excess gasoline consumption: insufficient initial injector fuel flow or too high air-to-fuel ratio in idle conditions. In both cases, you should take the vehicle to a mechanic who will make it run more efficiently by adjusting these components from the inside out.

So, to answer the question of why is my car burning so much gas, you should first determine if this problem has a technical cause or it is just your engine behaving weirdly. If you are sure that there’s no mechanical reason for this behavior then consider looking into average consumption rates before taking your car to a mechanic who will help you resolve this issue by adjusting components inside your engine. With idle control valve, everything should be set up perfectly and all problems related to excess gasoline consumption solved.

Technical problem

Despite how important it might seem, there is still one thing left to mention: don’t worry about low MPG numbers because they won’t affect your pocket. You might pay a few more bucks at the gas station but that’s all you need to do in order to keep your car running smoothly and consuming excess gasoline only when it is absolutely necessary.

If we consider the fact that there are hundreds of idle models on the market, it would be crazy to choose one model and stick with it for your entire life. You might as well take a look at some cool AFV (alternative fuel vehicle) models which will definitely meet all your needs for efficient transportation.

So, if you don’t want to spend too much money on gasoline while idling your vehicle, consider looking for an idle model equipped with idle control valve. In case of problems, the mechanic will be able to resolve all issues related to gasoline consumption but in case there are no technical reasons behind excessive fuel burning, only fuel pump or other components replacement can help you find a solution. All of these options combined might seem like a lot of trouble but they are definitely worth the time and effort.  

How come my car eats up more gas when it idles?

Car is burning more gas than usual while idling – if you are asking yourself this question, there might be two possible reasons for excessive gasoline consumption. First of all, your car might burn excess fuel because the idle speed controller failed to regulate airflow properly or due to some other technical reasons. Idle control valve not working properly could lead to similar results but the reason behind malfunctioning idle speed controller doesn’t matter that much because both require immediate repair which can be done by a certified mechanic who will ensure your vehicle security and functionality.

Non-technical Issue

But what if there are no technical issues related to why is my car burning so much gas? Well, in most cases drivers don’t adjust their style appropriately so they tend to accelerate too fast or leave their cars idling for too long which both lead to increased fuel consumption. If you don’t want to spend money on extra gasoline, consider a new driving style and adjust it to your new idle model so that everything works perfectly according to factory settings. All you need is just a few hours of your time and every problem related to excess gasoline consumption will be gone forever.

if there are no technical issues related to your engine working process, chances are that the problem lies in your driving style which should be adjusted accordingly to prevent this type of problem in the future. Regardless of where the issue comes from, an idle control valve has been designed precisely for this reason so we strongly recommend installing one in order to prevent any unnecessary problems.