Why won’t the car start after changing the spark plugs?

If the car is not starting, it may be because of a faulty ignition coil

  1. A faulty fuel injector can also cause the car to not start
  2. The battery could be dead or disconnected from the engine
  3. The starter motor could have failed and need replacing
  4. There might be an issue with one of your spark plugs that needs addressing – try changing them all for a full test run
  5. You may have a dirty air filter which means you’ll need to replace it before trying anything else

Spark plug refers to one of several ignition devices in an internal combustion engine by which electric current from a self-contained battery is discharged into the cylinder, where it detonates the air/fuel mixture. The electrodes are connected on small metal pieces on top of each other called “electrodes”, between which the spark passes; they must properly and not touch each other. The spark must come in the right moment because it will act as an ignition of the fuel, that is to say, that it will cause an explosion.

Changing spark plugs occasionally might be necessary if your car starts having problems like rough idling or lack of power. However, there are many causes why a car won’t start after changing the spark plugs and each problem needs specific troubleshooting.

You can also make sure that changing the spark plugs won’t fix any problem by simply replacing them with some other plug type such as resistor or iridium instead of OEM-type plugs from the manufacturer. In this case, your car won’t start even though you have changed only one element – the spark plugs! This may sound ridiculous but sometimes I see mechanics who change only one or two plugs with OEM-type or resistor plugs when they should have changed all six of them, which is what most manufacturers recommend.

Coil ignition systems also use spark plugs but in a slightly different way. There are no electrodes here (they don’t need to be replaced) which means that you won’t see any spark when trying to start your car after changing the coil pack. The main reason why this might occur is that the coil pack was not properly reassembled and there’s no contact between it and its plug, so everything remains disconnected from one another.

In order to change the coil pack, you must disassemble it first and transfer each part to its respective place on a new coil pack. Once this is done, you can start the car and check if it works properly because there should be no problem with starting it after this simple procedure.

Fixing Car start Problem after changing the spark plugs?

          Here are some quick things to check before deciding if your car has enough spark or not:

  1. Check for continuity between each electrode with a multi-meter or test light, there should be continuity during engine rotation, especially at idle speed.
  2. If there is no continuity between either electrode turn off the car wait about 30 seconds and recheck, if there is still no continuity your car does not have enough spark.
  3. If the electrodes are corroded or damaged they may be too far gone to provide enough spark so keep that in mind especially when considering what you’ll do next after checking for continuity.
  4. Check for voltage at the harness to ensure it has power, usually its about 12 volts DC but don’t hold me to it as I’m not 100% sure on this part, just make sure it’s got some juice!

                When you change your spark plugs, please take the time to consider all things before deciding whether or not it’s necessary for your specific car. If you can’t be 100% confident that you know what to look for then just bring it into an auto shop and they’ll find out for you