What happens if I put too much oil in my car?

Oil helps keep your car’s engine clean by suspending the dirt and grime that circulate with the moving parts of the engine. If you put too much oil into your car, or if you put a type of oil in your engine that isn’t recommended for your vehicle, you could be putting yourself at risk for a variety of issues.

Engine Failures

Putting too much oil into an engine can cause it to overheat. This is because there is more oil than there should be inside of the engine. People who do this regularly run some serious risks. They may push their engines beyond what they are capable of doing and end up breaking down as a result of regular use on top of constant under-maintenance from adding too much oil.

Damage to Your Car

Smoke from Exhaust

If you add too much oil to your vehicle and it begins running poorly because of it, the smoke that comes out of the exhaust may be black or dark blue if you’re using conventional motor oil. If you’re using synthetic motor oil, you will see white smoke coming from the exhaust instead. Whichever type of oil is being used, too much will cause problems for your engine by limiting its capability. In severe cases, people who continue to drive their vehicles with an abundance of oil have been known to cause their engines to explode.

Engine Noises

Lower Gas Mileage

Putting too much oil into your car will cause problems for its performance overall that will be noticeable from both inside and outside of the vehicle as well as when you are driving it. For example, you will notice that your car is consuming more gas than usual as a result of the oil being used instead of burned.


Your vehicle’s color can also be affected by putting too much oil into its engine. If you look under the hood and check out the exhaust system, you may see smoke coming from it if there is excess oil in the system which hasn’t been burned off yet. This type of smoke looks similar to cigarette smoke and can actually lead to more issues for people who breathe it in on a regular basis such as lung cancer over time.

If you’ve put too much oil into your car, don’t keep driving it! need to get help immediately so that you can have the issue fixed in a proper manner.