Why does my Car jerk when I Press on the gas

My car jerks whenever I press on the gas. This can be really dangerous while driving because it makes me lose control of the vehicle affecting other people around me. At times, my heart skips a beat too when this happens.

3 Reasons Why does my car jerk when I press on the gas?

This is caused by two different reasons that are related to each other:

Mechanical Reason

one is mechanical while the other has something to do with how you drive your car. The first reason why your car jerks are due to your engine misfiring. When this happens, you will feel like you pressed on the gas but your speed won’t change at all or will even decrease after several seconds of depressing it. If this continues, check appropriate sections in your car’s user manual to determine which part has malfunctioned. You can also ask for assistance from your mechanic to help you figure out what is wrong and how it should be repaired.

Heavy foot

The second reason why your car jerks is because you are driving with a “heavy foot”. This means that whenever you press on the gas, you just hold it there instead of gradually applying pressure. Your engine will then not have time to adjust properly which causes it to jerk or surge forward. If this was just an occasional thing, then try practicing driving with a lighter foot so as not to accidentally cause car jerking in future drives.

Other Mechnical Reasons

Some common mechanical reasons why does my car jerk when I press on the gas are: misfire, spark plug problems, or faulty ignition coils.

Ways to reduce car jerk when pressing on the gas

There are several ways to reduce this and make the car more comfortable and easier to drive:

Shifting Gears

One way is to manually shift gears between lower RPMs (revolutions per minute), when there is less resistance from inertia. So when accelerating up a hill or starting from stationary, always try manual shifting into second gear. After shifting, slowly build up speed by pressing gradually harder on the gas pedal. This way, the engine will have even less trouble delivering torque to the wheels, and your driving experience will be much smoother.

Reducing the Weight of Car

You can also try to reduce the weight of your car because then there is less resistance from inertia. This may have little effect on power, but it will make it easier for your engine to deliver torque.


There were two reasons as to why my car jerks when I press on the gas and they are both mechanical and driving-related. These problems should be looked at carefully so as not to cause any accidents or injuries due to carelessness.